Sani-Pant Online

Waterproof cotton briefs
cover diapers, liners or pads

Sani-Pant Washable Brief

Sani-pant waterproof briefs

  • Wear over anything, including diapers
  • 100% waterproof fabric
  • Comfortable, won’t chafe
  • Large pull-on’s for waist 38 to 44 in.

Anything worn to contain liquid also needs coverup briefs to maintain that protection. Diapers, pads or liners do their jobs but they can cause problems with clothing when they become moist.
Sani-Pant one-piece waterproof cover-ups prevent moisture from getting any farther. Sani-Pant washable briefs are comfortable, thanks to the soft cotton elastic binding on waist and legs that won’t chafe or irritate skin. Sani-Pant has a well-crafted design for maximum durability and unparalleled comfort.
Sani-Pant pull-on briefs

When it’s time to change, put Sani-Pant briefs in the washer and they’ll be ready for next wearing. Sani-Pant withstands repeated laundering, even with mild bleach and fabric softeners, which makes it much kinder to the environment than disposables.

Shop in carries the most useful size and type of Sani-Pant, the pull-on style in large size, for waists 38 to 44 in. Don’t forget to account for any additional bulk caused by diapers, etc.

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